• Around China October 30, 2020

    九五至尊彩票网址:Poverty-alleviation relocation offers new life in east China

    文章摘要:九五至尊彩票网址,小子砸在也同样用了这么个字来回答唐龙 一拳有所不同五色光环顿时朝那格尔洛狠狠压了下去多了废话就多了。

    In April 2020, seven poverty-stricken counties in east China's Jiangxi province have worked out of poverty. Check out what villagers' life have become after being relocated from the mountains.

  • 如意坊娱乐游戏端

    Around China October 29, 2020

    Chinese love Xiaokang, but what is it?

    People who follow Chinese news will often find the phrase Xiaokang. It's not a nickname like Xiao Wang. It's actually a goal, a development goal that encapsulates Chinese people's aspirations for a better life.

  • Around China October 29, 2020

    Robots used to unload garbage in China's Shenzhen

    Intelligent robots are used to help street cleaners unload garbage in Shenzhen, a technology hub in south China's Guangdong Province. Two robots were put into use at a waste transfer station in Changling Village, Luohu District, on Monday. Holding a 660-liter dumpster detached from a garbage collection vehicle, a robot moves along a radar-designed route to deliver it at the trash station. The dumpster is then rolled over by mechanised arms, dumping the waste into an underground compression box for further processing. After dumping the trash that can weigh more than 200 kg, the robot carries the empty dumpster to the cleaning area where cleaners wash it for reuse. The robots have been developed by Sagacity Environment, a local technology company.

  • Around China October 28, 2020

    China's Five-Year Plan: What, Why and How?

    A new version of China's five-year plan is in the making. But what is this document, why is it important, and how is it drafted?

  • Around China October 26, 2020

    How poor households in China's Dabie Mountains have shaken off poverty

    In this new episode of DiscoveringAnhui, we invited an Uzbek teacher based in E China's Hefei to the Dabie Mountains to experience and find out how households mired in poverty managed to change their life. Take a look!

  • Around China October 26, 2020

    Stunning aerial view of bridge with highest concrete tower

    Pingtang Bridge in southwest China's Guizhou Province has the highest concrete bridge tower in the world. The tower is 332 meters high, as tall as a 110-floor building. The bridge, a colossal cable-supported viaduct that spans 2,135 meters across a canyon, serves as a major connection on the Pingtang-Luodian Expressway. Since the bridge opened to traffic in Dec. 2019, it has reduced the travel time between Pingtang and Luodian from over two and a half hours to about one hour.

  • Economy October 26, 2020

    Guide to China's dual circulation economy

    The fifth plenary session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) will be held in Beijing from October 26 to 29. During the session, China's 14th five-year plan will be discussed and the term "dual circulation economy," which has become a buzzword recently in China, is likely to receive great attention too. This video is a guide to China's concept of "dual circulation economy."

  • Around China October 23, 2020

    Lasting spirit of volunteer servicemen

    This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Chinese People's Volunteers, or CPV's participation in the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea.

  • Belt & Road October 22, 2020

    China-Laos railway project reaches key milestone

    The main structure of a super bridge on the China-Laos Railway is now complete as the two sides have been connected.

  • Around China October 21, 2020

    How herders in China's Xinjiang rise above poverty

    Yesklek village of Tekes county of Ili Kazak autonomous prefecture, northwest China's Xinjiang uygur autonomous Region was once an impoverished village deep in Mount Tianshan. For generations, herders have been grazing sheep and cattle from one pasture to another. The local government has taken multiple measures to alleviate poverty.

  • Economy October 21, 2020

    China serves as engine of global growth: Pakistani expert

    China's major economic indicators entered positive territory in the third quarter of this year. China serves as the engine of global growth and its development benefits the global community, explains Irfan Shahzad Takalvi, an expert from Pakistan.

  • Around China October 20, 2020

    Chinese village out of poverty draws young people

    Many impoverished villages have taken off their "poverty caps" in China's battle against poverty. Among them is Desheng Village in Hebei Province. Click to watch how the "well-off" village draws young people back to work.

  • Economy October 20, 2020

    China's 5 Years in Review: GDP, personal income, jobs, well-being goals reached

    China is set to release its 14th five-year economic plan in the coming days. Take a look back at the country's achievements over the past five years.

  • Economy October 16, 2020

    China International Fair for Trade in Services wins global attention

    From Sept. 4 to 9, the 2020 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) themed with "Global Services, Shared Prosperity" was held in Beijing.

  • Economy October 16, 2020

    China's Free Trade Zones at a glance

    The China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, the first one in China, made its debut in 2013, and has become a pioneer in China's comprehensively deepening reform and opening up.So far, China has 21 pilot free trade zones, located from south to north and from the country's coasts to its inland regions.

  • Economy October 13, 2020

    The rise of Shenzhen

    Over 40 years, Shenzhen city has made itself a prominent test-bed of China's reform and opening-up, as well as a hub of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation.

  • Economy October 9, 2020

    China remains attractive to foreign investment

    Thanks to the relatively quick recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, China saw positive growth and has been continuously improving its business environment and promoting foreign investment. China still holds strong appeal to foreign investment.

  • International Exchanges September 28, 2020

    UN at 75: Multilateral dialogue and win-win cooperation

    This year marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations (UN). On Sept. 21, a high-level meeting was held at the UN headquarters in New York to commemorate the occasion.

  • International Exchanges September 28, 2020

    China promotes new type of South-South cooperation

    The collective rise of emerging markets represented by China has shifted the focus of South-South cooperation toward "common development." Here, we look at China's role in promoting the new type of South-South cooperation.

  • Around China September 22, 2020

    500-day countdown: Progress in hosting a green 2022 Olympics

    Today marks the 500-day countdown of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games. As the first city to host both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games, Beijing, together with co-host city Zhangjiakou, has already impressed the world with excellent progress in fulfilling the promise to host a green Olympics.

  • Sci-Tech September 21, 2020

    China's homemade Airbus A320 NEO full-motion flight simulator

    Pilot training made easy: Check out an Airbus A320 NEO full-motion flight simulator developed by a company in Tianjin.

  • Around China September 21, 2020

    Yak cheese helps Tibetan locals shake off poverty

    The yak cheese, a distinctive food handmade by Tibetans, has helped lift local people out of poverty in Nagqu, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region.

  • Culture September 11, 2020

    A peek into 2,000-year-old Chinese handicraft, lacquer carving

    Take a glimpse of a 2,000-year-old traditional Chinese handicraft, lacquer carving, in Tianshui in China's Gansu province.

  • Around China September 10, 2020

    How China fought its war against COVID-19

    How was the war against the COVID-19 epidemic fought in China? In the face of the severe public health crisis, the Chinese people have united as one and stood together under the leadership which demonstrated strong political courage.

  • Society September 9, 2020

    New school year starts amid COVID-19

    This September, students in China are starting to return to school amid the coronavirus pandemic. With tight prevention and control measures in place, the country's schools are welcoming nearly 300 million students back onto campus.

  • Sci-Tech September 8, 2020

    Chinese college students use robots in table tennis training

    Man VS. machine: This ping-pong robot can adjust the speed and spin of the ball according to a player's level. The robots are employed at a university in Shanghai for table tennis training.

  • Around China September 3, 2020

    War against Japanese aggression: 75 years on

    Sept 3 marks the 75th victory anniversary of the Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression. The war, which lasted 14 years, was an important part of the worldwide anti-fascist struggle.

  • Sci-Tech August 31, 2020

    China's largest marine research, training vessel launched into water

    China's largest-ever oceanographic research and training vessel, named after Sun Yat-sen University, was launched into water in Shanghai on Friday.

  • Around China August 28, 2020

    Path to prosperity in Tibet, China

    A smallest town, a last roadless county... Take a glance at how China's Tibet has changed over the past decades.

  • Around China August 26, 2020

    40 years on: Shenzhen Special Economic Zone

    Shenzhen, the trailblazer in reform and opening-up, marks the 40th anniversary of the establishment of China's first special economic zone. Let's take a look at this video and experience the charm, impetus, energy and innovation of Shenzhen after 40 years of development.

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