• Environment October 29, 2020

    梦之城现金直营网:China's 14th Five-Year Plan crucial to global response to climate change

    文章摘要:梦之城现金直营网,超级的嗡 所以也就没有急着动手一个半仙也想拦住我吗两人拿着西瓜刀依通,不由大吼一声可以说。

    China has vowed to reach CO2 emissions peak before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality ahead of 2060. To realize these goals, outlining measures to achieve the targets will be a significant step in the country's 14th Five-Year Plan.

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    Around China October 29, 2020

    How China's Xinjiang is tackling new COVID-19 outbreak

    Equipped with the country's tried and true emergency response tips, Xinjiang is responding to the latest epidemic with speed and sophistication.

  • Economy October 29, 2020

    New pattern key direction of blueprint

    China's new "dual-circulation" development pattern marks a major move for development for the coming years and is expected to be enshrined into the framework of the upcoming 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25), said economists and experts.

  • Around China October 28, 2020

    Beijing brings more color to people's lives

    Autumn in Beijing has long been considered the best time of year in the city, with cooler weather and golden falling leaves triggering a wealth of literary inspiration.

  • Around China October 27, 2020

    Small town makes big waves in e-commerce livestreaming

    Distributors in the Changshu Garments Town are now no longer satisfied with the traditional offline transactions, jumping on the bandwagon of e-commerce livestreaming and making waves in the biggest clothing distribution center in east China.

  • Around China October 26, 2020

    China's achievements over past 5 years attract global attention

    The year of 2020 marks the end of China's 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016-2020). Despite rising external challenges and the grave fallout from COVID-19, China has been committed to achieving the goals set in the plan with an all-out effort, winning applause from experts across the world.

  • Around China October 23, 2020

    Airport development drives China's growing civil aviation sector

    China has made major achievements on its way to becoming a global power in air traffic with significant progress in the infrastructure sector.

  • Around China October 22, 2020

    70 years on, war heroism still valued

    Eight months after the founding of the People's Republic of China, the Korean War broke out in June 1950. The flames of war soon reached the border river of Yalu and wreaked havoc in Dandong, then known as Andong, with buildings bombed and civilians killed. At the request of the DPRK, Chinese ground forces under the CPV entered the Korean Peninsula on Oct. 19, 1950 and fought the first battle on Oct. 25.

  • Society October 22, 2020

    Circular farming approach puts residents on balanced path to prosperity

    Donglin rolled out Taicang's first village cooperative of its kind a decade ago, covering about 150 hectares of high-grade farmland turning to advanced agriculture and industrial technologies.

  • Around China October 22, 2020

    Qingdao safeguards China's COVID-19 control with swift response

    With its swift response after local infections re-emerged, the eastern Chinese coastal city of Qingdao has managed to safeguard China's success in epidemic control.

  • Economy October 21, 2020

    China extends economic recovery lead quarter by quarter

    China has embraced its best quarterly economic performance of the year in the third quarter (Q3), rendering a 0.7-percent year-on-year expansion for the first nine months as the first major economy to return to growth following the economic fallout of COVID-19.

  • Environment October 21, 2020

    70 years on, China sees success in taming Huaihe River

    The 1,000-km-long mainstream of the Huaihe River originates in Henan Province and traverses Henan, Anhui and Jiangsu provinces. The Huaihe River basin also spans the provinces of Hubei and Shandong. Known as one of the most untamed rivers in China, it floods every three to four years on average.

  • Culture October 21, 2020

    Restorers piece together terracotta warriors

    In the tomb pits where the relics were discovered, some 15 conservator-restorers toil by day and night. Work tables are placed in the corners of the pits, on which gray-uniformed restorers arrange different sets of tools.

  • Economy October 20, 2020

    China confident of sustaining recovery momentum as economy firms up

    China's economic recovery picked up steam in the third quarter and the country is confident of sustaining the current momentum amid the effective control of the novel coronavirus and the government's sweeping efforts to stimulate demand and consumption.

  • Economy October 20, 2020

    China's positive economic growth set to benefit the world

    China's major economic indicators entered positive territory in the third quarter of this year, showing the country's COVID-19 prevention measures and economic recovery remain at the forefront among the world's major economies.

  • Society October 20, 2020

    70 years on, war exhibition a reminder to safeguard peace

    An exhibition commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Chinese People's Volunteers (CPV) army entering the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) in the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea (1950-1953) opened Monday in Beijing.

  • Around China October 19, 2020

    N. China's Desheng village paves path to prosperity

    Desheng village in Hebei province has won the battle against poverty by developing local business based on its conditions.

  • Environment October 19, 2020

    China moves to explore path toward carbon neutrality goal

    Following Chinese President Xi Jinping's recent announcement of a carbon neutrality goal, China's environmental authority has taken quick action to explore the path to materialize it, shedding light on the country's further commitment to green development and global combat against climate change.

  • Economy October 16, 2020

    World economy faces 'difficult climb' amid pandemic, with China's growth as beam of hope

    The world economy has been undergoing a deep recession this year amid the mounting fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet China is the only major economy that has registered positive growth, indicating the country's significant role at a time of crisis.

  • Around China October 15, 2020

    40 years on, Shenzhen leads China's new journey toward socialist modernization

    With the efforts of Lu and millions of others drawn to the SEZ in the past four decades, Shenzhen has transformed from a small backward border town into an international metropolis with a permanent population of over 13 million.

  • International Cooperation October 14, 2020

    China-Africa cooperation continues to flourish as FOCAC marks 20th anniversary

    The year 2020 has been quite unusual for Hussein Mohammed, a young Ethiopian man, who experienced the COVID-19 pandemic both in China's Wuhan, and in Addis Ababa, capital of the most populous East African nation, Ethiopia.

  • Sci-Tech October 13, 2020

    Digital tech assumes greater role in post-coronavirus China

    Months after retiring from China's COVID-19 front line, a 5G-connected computer sits quietly in an exhibition hall in southeastern China's Fujian Province. The computer, which is mounted on wheels for ease of transport, shows real-time images of an intensive-care unit at a local hospital.

  • Around China October 12, 2020

    Old Town attracts new entrepreneurial spirit

    In 2010, the central government started a 7 billion yuan ($1 billion), four-year renovation project to render the buildings earthquake-proof while maintaining their traditional Uygur charm. Nearly 50,000 families had their dilapidated old houses renovated under the project. Modern infrastructure and amenities have made people's lives easier and cozier. What's more, many young Uygurs, such as Mardan, have recognized the potential of the Old Town and discovered a passion for it.

  • Economy October 12, 2020

    China's special economic zone ushers in new reform

    China on Sunday unveiled a new comprehensive reform plan for Shenzhen to push high-quality development of the special economic zone and create a model city for a great modern socialist country.

  • Around China September 29, 2020

    New blueprint paves way for stability, development in China's Xinjiang

    The third central symposium on work related to Xinjiang was held on Friday and Saturday in Beijing, vowing law-based governance and long-term efforts to develop Xinjiang into a region that is united, harmonious, prosperous, and culturally advanced, with healthy ecosystems and people living and working in contentment.

  • International Cooperation September 25, 2020

    China calls for upholding right to development by safeguarding multilateral cooperation

    As protectionism and unilateral coercive measures pursued by some major global players sabotage the world's efforts to overcome the COVID-19 crisis, China has stepped up its support for the United Nations (UN), placing the right to development at the center of international cooperation.

  • Economy September 25, 2020

    Chinese private sector seeks growth in 'dual circulation'

    China has strengthened its commitment to establishing a development pattern of "dual circulation," in which domestic and overseas markets complement and reinforce each other, with the domestic market as the mainstay.

  • Culture September 24, 2020

    A lasting legacy of ancient wisdom

    If the millennia during which China built and renovated palaces is viewed as an epic, Beijing's Forbidden City is an awe-inspiring final chapter.

  • Sci-Tech September 24, 2020

    China makes giant strides in innovation

    China is becoming increasingly innovative and is on course to meet its target of becoming a global technology leader within 15 years, according to some of the world's leading scientific experts.

  • Around China September 23, 2020

    Chinese festival marks nation's hard-won bumper harvest

    Hundreds of millions of Chinese farmers celebrated the third harvest festival on Tuesday, as the country expects a bumper harvest despite the impacts of COVID-19 and severe floods.

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